Our Pre-Designed Timber Frames are easily adapted to suit your needs, and they offer incredible value! We offer two pre-designed bent configurations:

* 24' center-post bents use traditional joinery
with modern engineering
* 20' clear-span bents use innovative all-wood joinery to
create an un-interrupted clearspan.

Center-Posted 24'x36' Cape

(base size: 24’x24’)
Expand this frame in 12' increments.

This kit is engineered to accommodate comfortable living spaces using traditional, all wood joinery.

Wedged Dovetails and wedged half -dovetail mortice and tenon joints lock these timbers together tightly. Center posts help define interior spacing and layout.

12’x24’ bent modules allow this kit to be expanded to virtually any length! Place two or more kits side by side, offset, or add a shed to any face of the structure to vary the roof line.

The Original 20'x30' Cape

(base size: 20’x20’)
Expand this frame in 10' increments.

In 1973, Pat and Patsy designed and built this house with timbers hewn on-site.

Using a special “tusk” tenon, this frame features a 20’ clear span with no interior posts for maximum design flexibility.

Each “bent” adds a 10’x20’ space. Dormers and shed additions are easy to add.

Today we use full-dimension, planed timbers as described below. We take particular pride in the refined joinery, fit, and finish you will find in all our frames.

24'Bent Pricing*
24'x24'pre-cut kit $15,985
kit raising 3,065
SIP** Enclosure 19,895
Install SIPs 7,510
metal roofing 2,100
Install Roofing 1,800
24'x24' Subtotal $50,355
additional bent 6,125
bent raising 1,525
SIP** Enclosure 6,890
Install SIPs 2,295
Metal Roofing 1,100
Install Roofing 895
24'x36' Subtotal $69,185
4'x4' Skylight 1,500
20'Bent Pricing*
20'x20'pre-cut kit $12,050
kit raising 2,275
SIP** Enclosure 16,400
Install SIPs 4,595
metal roofing 1,840
Install Roofing 1,530
20'x20' Subtotal $38,690
additional bent 3,675
bent raising 1,180
SIP** Enclosure 5,520
Install SIPs 1,760
Metal Roofing 915
Install Roofing 775
20'x30' Subtotal $52,515
4'x4' Skylight 1,500

*All Pricing subject to change without notice. Prices are FOB Woolwich, ME; shipping is not included. Included, but not shown, are second floor boards: planed 5/4" V-match T&G with rough opening for stairs.

**Panel Specs:
3.5" R-16 wall, 5.5" R-26 roof EPS foam-core panels

Typical Dimensions: posts: up to 12' - knee wall: 2' - ceiling height: up to 10' - roof pitch: 12/12

The Wood: The majority of our frames are fashioned in Pine. Other woods such as Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Cedar are available. Green timbers are planed, lightly sanded, chamfered, and oiled to protect the surface and slow the drying process.
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